This new model logically fits between the Aventura 34 and 44. In this size of 11 meters, there are few competitors, and yet there is a strong demand as evidenced by the manufacturer’s order book – several dozen Aventura 37s have been signed. It should be noted that this compact catamaran, presented for the first time in Cannes last September, is rather successful and particularly well positioned in terms of price.

Location of the test: Canet-en-Roussillon
Conditions : ESE wind 10 to 16 knots, rough sea

Aventura: 20 years of multihulls!

Originally, Aventura Catamarans was oriented towards the production of small coastal camping multihulls. The very clever 23 and 28 (based on the Camping Cat 23 from the Fauroux group and the Diabolo 28 from Jean and Jacques Fioleau) quickly followed. The Aventura 20 was the first catamaran entirely designed and produced by the manufacturer. It was the 33, under the pencil of Martin Defline, that truly signed the house style; the adventure of modeling and industrialization continued with the 43 of the same architect. In 2015, production moved to a new, modern factory in Menzel Bourguiba (near Bizerte). In 2017, the manufacturer unveiled its new range signed Lasta Design, which includes the 34, 44, 10, 14 (these two are powercats) and of course the 2021 novelty: the Aventura 37. This new model is entirely built in infusion in female molds on an Airex foam, glass, polyester sandwich matrix. The underwater hulls are also in sandwich up to the base of the added fins (in monolithic glass polyester).

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